Gerita Doujinshi - Ai no Kotodama

Italy loses his voice after eating Japan's spicy chocolate and can't tell Germany how much he loves him every second of the day. This makes him sad :( But Germany, nice, sweet boy that he is, steps in to fill the void with his own declarations of love to Italy. This makes Italy happy :)
Rainy Chan
dlkfjglkdfsjjjjjshhj Cutest thing ever! I just wish it was in english!
Vic C.
awwww so cute!
e idea mia o italia en este doujin se parece mas a china? xD le hicieron 
mucha frente
Kyler Hooper
What exactly did he drink to hurt his throat?
my question is..Who makes spicy chocolate? xD
D'aw, so very cute.xD 
Kyler Hooper
Japan's spicy chocolate 
Jazzy Doodlzz
i know how the story goes from the description but i stiil wanna know what 
wxactly they`re saying! >.<;
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