motor diesel V2

motor diesel in doi cilindri . ceva old
Paul Metcalf
Olunja Gitter
Multicar M22 Diesel from the GDR???????
Hatz diesel?
Николай Синюк
Подай двигло!?
Николай Синюк
sounds like my Traktor...a Cunewalder Diesel Engine...2KVD...without Fan
Mai Valentine!  Fa te rog rost mie de un motor de acest tip, numai sa fie 
cu cutie de viteze.
Te rog foarte frumos,   eu deja am facut un tractor,  dar doresc sa fac 
inca unu mai mic.   
Stupar Baia Mare
de pe ce "doamne iarta-ma" l-ati dat jos :) 
Boszu Jacek
Teraz tylko skrzynia, rama motocykla i jest 2 ślad jak się patrzy! ^^
Uitati-va la ce noxe scoate cand il accelerezi. Si mai zic unii ca 
motoarele diesel nu sunt poluante.
Dalibor Sacaric
Warholovski Austria engine arround 25 HP
Daniel Gasser
Yeah Man!
Philip Lock
Sound just like a Subaru Impreza
I thought that would shake a lot more
I want that in my Haflinger the clutch looked similar to mine.
nie jest to silnik z multicara?
slap a turbo on it an off ya go
@rrdSilva, they never will... they will always think that gas is better 
because its cheaper, and cleaner than diesel. what they dont know is that 
they are very very wrong, diesel give more power, may be a bit spendier but 
you get that back with MPG (in vehicles) and diesel also burns cleaner. 
they dont realize the black smoke falls back to the ground 
Pune-l pe un cadru de Nipru si fa o motocicleta in stil Rat. Ar fi ceva 
interesant. Ce sunet are motorul ala! 
Timothy Corcoran
I want one
Daniel Driver
Cum se numeste motorul exact? Este cumva un HATZ si la ce l-a folosit?
Elante Ford
Lol thats a exciting feeling
Valentin Oti
i have started it today and works fine . i had not fuel(diesel) and i used 
some oil for steering and is ok. I wonted to warm it up for changing the 
oil because the oil it had was strange maybe because is from 25 years ago, 
it was yellow but have not got the fingers lubrication like a oil from our 
time. will tray a semi-synthetic maybe will change the smoke . i will do a 
new clip with more details.
Valeriy Averin
Что трёться то притрёться что стучит то наебнёться 
baga-l in dacie nea valentine! nava!
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