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abbas rizvi
Its sad to see Muslims behaving with so much ignorance....
Specific to this video...It only consists of photographs of those 
Ever wondered why there is no video?

Please realize that this is a famous was done by a designer who 
superimposed images, to send for a competition...

abbas rizvi
All of you should be ashamed of yourselves
Omar Bensabeur
perche ne sono parlato
Mo Ja
I believe this is so true.
Allahu Akbar
No no... Yea Allah SWT has destroyed them but it also says in the Quran. He 
has left them as is so people will learn a lesson from this... Inshallah 
people will learn lessons but they have been blinded by the Shaytan... 
bakht zada
haan tumhara baap bhi ghalat hay ju tum paida howay.
see the story Skeleton of Giant" Is Internet Photo Hoax on National 
Geographic website 
Qom-e-Aad: Their background has been mentioned in Holly Quran, these people 
were so powerful and their heights were 70 times greater than today's man 
height. These people were destroyed by Allah due to disobedience. Hazrat 
Hood A.S was sent on their nation to give the teachings of one Allah. 
Qom-e-Samood: Hazrat Suwaleh A.S (Brother of Hazrat Hood A.S) was sent to 
the people of Qom-e-Samood which were destroyed due to a big noise.
Muhammad Umer
in surah aaraf in para number 7 :) 
jaleel mohd
Who ever say dis is fake..... there r fool to say dis...becoz they do evn 
knw the story behind dis.... :P
Baraw Amanj
@Umer3819 where can i find their histories and what page in quran? thanx
bada ali
ليسوا قوم عاد هذه الصور كذب
fake ! 
bakht zada
OMG to christian everything is fake even there own mom is fake ,fucking 
idiot.its already exist go search you moron. get you're ass outa you;re 
doopy brain
Athar Iqbal
These pics are indeed fake and photoshopped. Search for "Madain Saleh Aad 
Thamud" on youtube and you will find the real video of their dwelling. 
wo quran ko fake nahi bol rahe is phots ko fake bol rahe heen 
Atif Kolad
may allah bless you with islam and forgive you,,,,, 
Shaban Noorani
bani aad 
watch: skeleton found after tsunami in India. watch?v=pPA6-U8z8_Y
omaid khan
allah hamein apne azab say bachaay ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
mohammad rahman
fake pictures! allah swt has demolished these kawme aad and samood so how 
can you find there bones? if your looking for miracles read the quran, am 
sure its on top of your shelves filled with dust.
Firoz Khan
Insaan se paida ho ya kisi awara jaanwar se 
this is so fake... bhai Allah ke wastay koi cheez share karnay sai pehlay 
authenticate tau kar leya karo..... jhoota maujza share karwa kar kitna 
ajar kama leya aap nein.... See the story