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Kandi Klover
Wow this guy has a -50 noise floor haha sucks.
Chris Topher
Hi, how have you made ​​to put the plugins on the right side of the screen 
ok you will need to egt the plugin here it is not set for USB sdr but i 
will show you how to hack and fix that.

If you take this plugin and add this line to the two config files 
sdrsharp.conf and  sdrsharp.vhost.exe conf

download the latest version of sdr # and replace rtlsdr.dll
<add key="RTL-SDR / USB" value="SDRSharp.RTLSDR.RtlSdrIO,SDRSharp.RTLSDR" />
this will work for the USB dongals I have it running !

Enjoy the quick rehack!

Download the plugin here

Sry you never said it was a private file and it has been 2 years since you 
have added any new info on this file so was playing around with it to see 
if i could get it to work with the USB dongals and so far works good....not 
sure on the scanner part or how it works you can send me some info on that 
Please give the owner credit it is a awesome plugin ashamed to see it die 
so i tried to revise it... and it works well :)

Do not put in the same dir as the updated SDR# make a new directory for it 
and unzip the file you can replace the RTLSDR.dll I put it in a back up 
directory just in case i needed to put it back but it works well sdr# and 
the plugin is from there respected owners no code was changed only added to 
the config files and it brings the old Sdr# console back to life.
Tony BenBrahim
done, I added a selectable delay two days ago, works much better now
Zara Hall
What antenna do you use? 
Tony BenBrahim
Released.see k5dev com blog (or next video) for download link
would be nice if you could choice a short delay after end of the 
transmission to hear a reply, but still very cool!
Tony BenBrahim
It is a scanner. It scans through a list of frequencies, checks the signal 
level at each one and stops when there is a signal and resumes scanning 
when it goes away. What it cannot do is scan through frequencies outside of 
the receive bandwidth of the SDR.
Good work ! Best Regards de CT2IOK
with every day, SDR# is better and better !
Hi ! I'm planning to use it this way : SDR# -> Scanner -> DSD -> Recording 
software This will record everything into multiple wav files . Is it 
possible to store in an SQL DB "When and What" frequencies received ? This 
will allow me to name the wav file using the channel name Thanks !
So, the "scanner" is really just a peak pouncer. Seems like it would be 
easy to make it so you could enter a bunch of known frequencies and have 
the tuner actually scan through them, stopping when there is a signal, and 
resuming when it goes away, like a true scanner.
Oh My Dayz
Tony is there any chance i can get a copy of this or a link off you please. 
I use the auto tuner version but yours looks and functions way better
Seems cool..... does anyone still have access to a copy? The link no longer 
works... Thanks in advance..
Nice work. Any plans to make it cycle between 2Mhz chunks for scanning 
larger ranges? (Maybe even for populating the first tab with freqs that are 
picked up.)
where can we download it?
Tony BenBrahim
Released.see k5dev com blog (or next video) for download link
Just got my cheap dongle yesterday and already loving it! Looking fwd to 
download the package with the memory and scanner. Let us know when it comes